2014 Government Review of PV Solar & Feed In Tariffs

The government has reviewed the feed in tariff for solar grid connect owners in Tasmania and legislated for change with regard to the competition rules in our power industry. Full retail competition was introduced on 1st July 2014.

So much has happened since the beginning of the legislated FIT and we have learned about how the power system in Tasmania works and how our retailer works out the cost of power etc. We have spent hours and hours working through all the formula and numbers to come to what we think is a balanced argument for change to the current FIT arrangements.

While we can safely say that the current arrangement are less than ideal, we now understand the methodology for working it out and have adjusted our stance in line with what is an acceptable policy for our government.

SOST has been approached by some members of the Tasmanian Legislative Council to produce a motion to be presented to the upper house outlining some of the things that have taken place in the last couple of years and to put forward reasons and information as to what should be happening with regard to the Tasmanian FIT.

Following is the motion put forward to the Upper house and the background.

The 2014 Feed-In-Tariff Arrangement

Tasmanians who have solar power and are producing more than they use are currently receiving a 1 for 1 feed-in arrangement for feed-in. This means that they are able to feed in their excess for retail credit, then buy it back when they need it. The excess is used locally by your neighbors who are invoiced by Aurora.

The Problem

  • Treasury is analyzing and reviewing the current system of solar grid feed-in rates in Tasmania and the talk and fear in the community that we may end up with a 8 cent feed-in tariff.
  • Tasmanians who have installed solar power, have done so with the security of a one for one feed-in tariff. This made it a viable proposition for them.
  • Without the feed-in tariff as we have it, the investment will be scuttled by any decision to reduce tariff to such a low level.
  • The many solar businesses in Tasmania will be put at extreme risk of failing with a huge lost of jobs directly and indirectly in the industry.
  • Local jobs and further expansion and employment opportunity is now under serious threat and the future is resting on the outcome of this government decision.

What Can We Do?

We can combine our voices to lobby the minister to ensure that our feed-in tariff is retained and is protected by legislation from our parliament.

How Can We Achieve This?

  • Sign the E-petition.
  • Voice your concerns to the appropriate people using the tools available on this site.
  • Email members of the House of Assembly and voice your concerns using the links in the document below.

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2014 Solar Feed-in Tariff Review is coming

The government is reviewing the feed in tariff for solar grid connect owners in Tasmania. The government is preparing Aurora for sell off after the 1st of January 2014. Treasury have analysed the situation for the government with regard to the feed-in tariff rate and will be advising Minister Bryan Green very soon. Many thousands of  Tasmanians have invested in solar power to help cut their costs of living against out of control power costs.

These investments are being threatened by the possibility that feed-in tariffs may be reduced to as little as 8 cents per kilowatt hour.