Save our Solar Feed in Tariff (FIT) Tasmania

PV Solar and Feed In Tariffs

Why is a fair price for solar feed in tariffs important?  Receiving a fair price for feed in tariffs for solar grid connect owners in Tasmania is important to support residents and businesses to invest in solar power.  A fairly priced feed in tariffs will by create security for both current and new solar investors.

The pricing of the feed-in tariff is a direct incentive to drive investment in Tasmanian’s roof-top solar. When we have a fair deal for grid connected solar, we will repair credibility for Tasmanian’s who have invested and those looking to invest in roof-top solar power generation.

Want to know more about roof-top solar (PV solar panels) and feed in tariffs?  Read our fact sheet,  What is Solar and How it Works.

What Can We Do?

The key element is the perceived lack of support for solar by the Tasmanian government, they are not backing a decent feed-in tariff.

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  2. Contact your local member of government. Look up your representatives in the lists below to tell them that getting a fair price for the solar grid-connect feed in tariff is important to you.